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The dishes and pizzas may change from year to year, but our cuisine always combines Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with local products.
Squid and green peas lukewarm salad
“Pane, burrata e alici”: bread, burrata cheese, Cantabrian sea anchovies and spinach
Shrimps “Crudo-Cotto”, almonds, served with tomato and watermelon gazpacho
Tuna tartare with strawberries and pistachios
Mussels with tomato sauce and toasted bread
Jamón Ibérico de bellota, focaccia bread, Padrón peppers and grated tomatoes
Eggplants rolls filled with vegetables and rice spaghetti with soya miso
Strozzapreti made with black rice flour, shrimps, mangetout and crunchy spicy croutons
Potatoes and wild Formentera fennel tortelli with sardines, raisins and pine nuts
Mezzemaniche “cacio e pepe” (pecorino cheese and pepper) with lemon and bottarga
Spaghetti with clams
Spaghetti alla chitarra with lobster, tomato and basil
Tagliatelle bolognaise
Ricotta cheese gnocchi with courgettes, manchego cheese and mint
Salted mackerel fillet with beetroot, rocket and lime
Seabass fillet rolled with bacon served with chickpeas sauce and sweet and sour eggplants
Mackerel sandwich, “pizzaiola”, burrata cheese and alioli
Grilled octopus with peppers, potatoes sauce, black olives crumble and smoked paprika
Fried shrimps and squid with vegetables served with seaweed wakame mayonnaise
Presa Ibérica fillet with potatoes and bacon ravioli and chimichurri sauce
Wagyu striploin with spinach, peach and sangria
Taco with stir-fried vegetables and spiced sour cream
Formentera Green salad, goat cheese, candied onions, walnuts, raspberry vinaigrette
Sandía Watermelon, feta cheese, black olives, marinated onion, basil and mint
Caprese Bufala cheese, tomatoes, basil and oregan
Margherita (tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte)
Napoli (tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, anchovies, capers, oregano)
Diavola (tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, spicy salami, black olives)
Capricciosa (tomato, mozz. fiordilatte, ham, fresh mushrooms, grilled pepper, black olives)
Quattro Stagioni (artichoke sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte, ham, mushrooms, spinach)
Vegetariana (tomato, mozz. fiordilatte, eggplant, zucchini, grilled pepper, tomato fillets, artichoke sauce, rocket salad)
Quattro Formaggi (tomato, mozz. fiordilatte, gorgonzola, brie, scamorza)
Café del Lago (tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, spicy salami, eggplant,gorgonzola)
Italiana (tomato, mozz. fiordilatte, Serrano ham, rocket salad, parmesan)
Mola (tom., mozz.fiordilatte, sausage, brie, mixed mushrooms, garlic, parsley)
Frutti di Mare (tomato, prawns, clams, mussels, squid, cuttlefish, garlic, parsley)
Valencia (mozz. fiordilatte, tomato filet, fennel, orange, parmesan)
Ciociara (mozz. fiordilatte, tomate, candied onion, home made “porchetta”)
Bologna (mozzarella fiordilatte, burrata, mortadella, pistachio, balsamic vinegar caviar)
Gallega (potatoes cream, mozzarella fiordilatte, octopus, taggiasche olives, chilli pepper, paprika)
Sicilia (tomate, buffalo mozzarella, tuna “ventresca”, capers, taggiasche olives, origan)
Iberica (tomato, buffalo mozzarella, Iberico ham, basil)
Cantábrica (tomato, burrata, Cantabric anchovies, grilled peppers, basil gel)
Nuvola di Pane (burrata cheese, jamón iberico, crunchy basil oil) (30 hours fermentation)
Sa Panxa (goat cheese, fresh spinach, dry tomato) (buckwheat flour and sourdough)
Bianca (rosmarine, extra virgin olive oil, salt)
Burrata y Serrano (burrata, extra olive oil, Serrano ham)
Bandera (buffalo mozzarella, spinach, tomato fillets)
Classic (mozzarella fiordilatte, ham, fresh mushrooms, tomato)
Vegetarian (mozz. fiordilatte, eggplant, zucchini, artichoke sauce, tomato)
Spicy (mozzarella fiordilatte, spicy salami, grilled peppers, scamorza, hot peppers, tomato)
Sicilia Ricotta cheese mousse, pistachio brittle, orange peel, glazed cappers and wild fennel water ice
Caramel and chocolate mousse with soft lime flavoured cake and coconut ice-cream
Almond tart with lemon custard served with green peas sorbet
Our Pavlova Fresh fruit, ginger sorbet, mango froth, meringue
Honey “semifreddo”, strawberries and black sesame brittle
Chocolate salami with zabaglione
Lemon sorbet
Pizza with Nutella, strawberries, orange
Wines to taste with our desserts:
Sauvignon blanc, Dulce Menade, Castilla y León
Zibibbo, Duca di Castelmonte, Sicilia

Service, bread and cutlery included

Pizza is also available with gluten free flour,
buckwheat flour and sourdough

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